Best Braun Electric Shavers: A definitive buying guide for 2018

Are you looking for the best German-made Braun electric shaver? Braun has been involved in creating designs and producing electric shavers and razors for a long time. Its first novel electric shaver design was introduced in the 1930s. Since then the company has greatly transformed shavers into spectacular ergonomic machines.

Today Braun electric shavers are popular for their performance, high-quality parts, precise action, ergonomics, flexible price tags, durability, and easy to clean and maintain nature. But the different series (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9) and models that these electric shavers come in can often overwhelm and confuse buyers. What Braun electric shaver to buy, how a 3 series shaver different from a 5 series shaver, which Braun electric shaver works the best etc are the questions that are often debated on forums and FAQ sections.

So to put this to rest once for all, we went through various Braun electric shaver models from different series and compiled a top 5 best Braun electric shavers list while picking one best shaver from each series. The ultimate goal of this buying guide is to make buying a best Braun electric shaver easy and straightforward for all people with a set budget- low or high.

Best 5 Braun Electric Shavers

  1. Braun Series 1 190s Men’s Shaver
  2. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3010s Men’s Electric Foil Shaver
  3. Braun Series 5 5090cc Men’s Electric Foil Shaver
  4. Braun Series 7 790cc Men’s Electric Foil Shaver
  5. Braun Series 9290CC Men’s Electric Foil Shaver

Best 5 Braun Electric Shavers Comparision


Electric Shavers/Features

Braun Series 1 190s Men’s Shaver Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3010s Men’s Electric Foil Shaver Braun Series 5 5090cc Men’s Electric Foil Shaver Braun Series 7 790cc Men’s Electric Foil Shaver Braun Series 9 9290CC Men’s Electric Foil Shaver
Shaving Elements 3 3 3 4 5
Cross cuttting actions per minute 10,000 per minute 30,000 per minute 30,000 per minute 30,000 per minute 40,000 per minute
Directional Flex Head 2 directions 3 directions 5 directions 8 directions 10 directions
Skin Guard No No No Yes Yes
Battery Backup 30min 45min 50min 50min 50min
Battery Type Ni-MH Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion
Package Contents
  1. series 1 shaver
  2. the charging cord
  3. the protection cap
  4. cleaning brush
  1. Series 3 shaver
  2. Protection cap
  3. Charging Cord
  4. Travel pouch
  1. Series 5 shaver
  2. Clean&Charge station with refill fluid
  3. Travel case
  4. Cleaning brush
  5. Charging adapter.
  1. Series 7 shaver
  2. Clean&Charge station with refill fluid
  3. Travel case
  4. Cleaning brush
  5. Charging adapter.
  1. Series 9 shaver
  2. Clean&Charge station with refill fluid
  3. Travel case
  4. Cleaning brush
  5. Charging adapter.

Braun Series 1, 190s Men’s Shaver

Braun 190s is an entry-level men’s shaver that is very portable and comfortable to use. It features an impressive quick charge feature that provides enough charge to one-time clean shave with just 5 minutes of charging. It is 100% waterproof, which allows you to thoroughly clean it using running tap water. It sports a Ni-MH battery that offers 30 minutes of shaving time on charging it for an hour.


  • Simple, efficient and comfortable to handle
  • Uniform trimming of hair growing in different directions
  • Waterproof design facilitates easy shaver cleaning under running tap water
  • Charges quickly within an hour and shaves continuously for 30 minutes
  • Precisely trims long hair


  • Once charged doesn’t leak charge for weeks
  • Has an excellent hold feel
  • 30-minute run time on full charging for an hour is more than enough for 3 to 4 beard shaves.
  • Cleanly shaves beard and mustache
  • Has good power and comfortable to handle
  • Very affordable and durable


  • The quality of foil cover and blade is average
  • It’s whisker hold capacity is low
  • Bit noisy

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3010s Men’s Electric Foil Shaver

The Braun 3010s electric shaver is a mid-range bestseller that has a good balance between price, power, and ergonomics. It comes packed with a long lasting battery that offers 45 mins of backup. It is effective in shaving hard to reach areas that cheap trimmers fail to do. It has a LED light to indicate the power left in the battery.


  • Micro comb technology allows trimming more hair at every length
  • 5 pressure-sensitive shaving elements and SenoFoil protects your skin from cut injuries
  • The sides have an ergonomic grip for easy handling
  • Reaches difficult areas such as under the chin and nose
  • Can be used for dry or wet shaving
  • 100% waterproof
  • 4 rechargeable NiMH batteries take 1 hour to fully charge and provide a backup of 45 mins. It does support 5-minute quick charge feature.


  • Easy to clean and maintain between shaves
  • Quite heavy duty to shave any extent of facial hair and reaches neck, chin, upper lip and cheeks easily
  • Shaver works with gel, water, foam or dry
  • Attractive design with nice black body and sky blue dotted gripper on the sides
  • Long battery life


  • Expensive replacement head
  • Can cause skin irritation
  • Takes long to charge fully
  • Little bulky
  • Does not come with pop-out trimmer

Braun Series 5 5090cc Men’s Electric Foil Shaver

Braun 5090cc is a powerful men’s electric shaver that can shave significant portions of dense and rough beards in a single stroke. Its head moves through 5 flexible directions to easily adapt to facial contours and reach to all areas with minimum effort. It comes with a Clean&Charge Station that keeps your shaver hygienic and fully charged for your next use.


  • Skin sensitive technology design offers the best comfort and safety
  • AutoSensing motor automatically kicks in more horsepower when sensing dense beards
  • 5-directional comfort flex keeps the trimmer grounded on skin even while operating at difficult areas
  • 100% waterproof
  • Delivers a long run time of 50 mins when fully charged
  • Usable for water, gel, foam or under shower shaves
  • Easy to clean, dry, lubricate and select the cleaning program with 4-action clean & charge station
  • Lifts and cuts hair from hard to reach areas with UltraActiveLift


  • Comfortable to shave and easy to maintain
  • Long battery life
  • Cleaning system is effective in keeping the razor lubricated and fresh
  • No skin irritation or any discomfort while shaving or after
  • Comes with a carry case which is useful for travel
  • Lubricating and self-cleaning


  • Little bit noisy
  • Is not usable while it is not charging
  • Has a heavy head
  • Vibrates in hand
  • Costly

Braun Series 7 790cc Men’s Electric Foil Shaver

Braun Series 7 790cc precisely cuts hair and helps to quickly get your shaving done. It features 8 different shaving modes, changeable from one to another with a push of a button. It comes with a long-lasting Li-ion battery that offers 50mins of backup on every full recharge.


  • 3 cutting elements and 1 SkinGuard to capture most of the hair on its way
  • Autosenses beard density and tweaks the motor power to cut more hair at every stroke
  • 8 directional Flexible and adaptive skin shaving elements efficiently work at hard to reach areas
  • 5 Turbo sensitive modes to choose from for gentle to powerful shaving with a push of a button
  • Comes with a Clean&Charge station- cleans, lubricates and charges
  • Equipped with Li-ion battery that takes one hour to charge fully and delivers 50 mins of shaving time
  • 100% waterproof and supports wet and dry shaving 


  • It works more quietly than other lower end Braun electric shavers.
  • Easy to maneuver across the face and hard to reach areas such as under the chin and on the neck, has a solid grip and feels well-balanced in hand
  • Accurately cuts sideburns
  • Offers a long battery life
  • Easy to clean under running tap water as it is waterproof
  • Comes with a handy travel case
  • Doesn’t pull hairs


  • Expensive compared to other competitors in the price range
  • Charge & Clean Station with cleaning cartridges is not necessary if you want to clean it regularly
  • The shaving performance of 760c and 790c are almost identical
  • Takes time to get used to this new trimmer

Braun Series 9290CC Men’s Electric Foil Shaver

Braun 9290CC lets you get a quick shave with less repetition and increased skin comfort. It comes from the highest Braun 9 series of Electric Shavers. Operating at 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute it offers extra powerful performance. Titanium coating keeps the shaving elements corrosion free and gives them a sturdy feel.


  • Cut more hair than Braun 7 series electric shavers at every stroke with 5 synchronized shaving elements and 10,000 micro vibrations
  • Capture trickiest of hair with 2 specialized trimmers and 10 directions flexible head
  • With intelligent AutoSensing motor, adjusts the motor power depending on the beard’s density for more efficient trimming
  • Supports both wet and dry shaving with gel, water, foam or water
  • 100% waterproof, allows you to use the trimmer under running water
  • Coupled with Clean & Charge station that cleans, lubricates and charges the shaver
  • Li-ion battery that offers 50 min of shaving time on full charge and the LED display counts down till last 9 minutes of shaving time



  • Gives a clean and even cut
  • Gives a close shave with a smooth and quick action compared to other razors
  • Works well with cleaning box
  • Equipped with powerful motor
  • Coiled cord helps to keep counter well organized


  • Charge & Clean station works loudly
  • Has to shave multiple times to capture all the hair if beard is long grown and dense
  • Cleaning liquid leaves a lemongrass smell on the blade
  • Very expensive
  • Refill packages for charge & clean station are also expensive

Things to consider while buying an Electric Shaver


Electric shaver’s speed is equated to how fast the blades move. It is usually expressed in cross-cuttings per minute. For instance, Braun 9 series 9290CC offers 10,000CPM.

Price and Replacement parts cost

Price of a good Electric shaver can range from $30 to over $1000. Because electric shaver is an everyday use device, spend some extra bucks to get a quality product. Electric shavers might require head replacements after 12 to 18 months. So check the cost of replacement head of a particular electric shaver before buying it to avoid high maintenance costs in the future.

Number of Blades

Electric shaver you are looking for should have at least 3 blades. Greater the number of blades a shaver has, closer and clean shave it gives. Also, sideburn sculpting and cutting down dense hair becomes easy and quick.

Battery Life

Electric shaver should come with a Li-ion or Ni-cad battery. It’s charging time should be around 1 and a half to 2 hours. The shaving time should be at least 30 mins. Some of the high-end shavers offer 50 minutes of runtime.

Wet and Dry

The Electric shaver you choose should be waterproof and its blades need to be corrosive free. This allows you to shave with gel, foam, water or dry without clogging the shaver or experience skin irritation later.


An electric shaver should be backed with at least 1 year of warranty. Also, if it has a 30-day money back guarantee it helps.


Frequently Asked Questions about Braun Electric Shavers

  1. Do I need to replace a shaver’s head?

Usually, an electric shaver will need its head replacement in approx 12 to 18 months.


  1. Is charging station necessary for charging the shaver?

No, you can charge it by inserting the cord given and plugging it into a wall outlet


  1. Can I use the shaver in the shower?

Yes, because all Braun shavers are waterproof you can use it for shower


  1. Can I use the shaver for cutting hair on the head?

Yes, Braun 7 and 9 series trimmers are powerful enough to efficiently cut head hair


  1. How are Braun series 9 and Series 7 different? They seem to work the same

Braun series 9 shavers work faster and give a closer shave than series 7 shavers.


Difference between Braun Electric Shaver Series 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9

Braun Series 1 Shaver

The series 1 consists of affordable electric shavers that give reasonably close shave and are comfortable and efficient to operate. These shavers consist three cutting elements (Twin foils and a middle trimmer) and a wide floating foil. They are powered by Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries as opposed to Lithium-ion batteries provided in 3 and above Braun series shavers. The batteries take 60 minutes to fully charge and offer 30 minutes of shaving time. The slide out hair trimmer helps to cut long hair and shape sideburns.

A box of Braun series 1 shaver includes a series 1 shaver, charging cord, protection cap, and cleaning brush.

Braun Series 3 Shaver

The Series 3 electric shavers incorporate three floating cutting elements and a micro comb to give a clean and close shave. The added micro comb helps to catch more hair while moving through the beard and is 100% waterproof and supports both dry and clean shave. These shavers are equipped with better Li-ion batteries compared to NiMH batteries. These batteries take 60 minutes to fully charge and offer 20 mins of shaving time. These shavers have LED displays that show the battery status.

A box of series 3 electric shaver comes with a series 3 shaver, protection cap, power cord and travel pouch.

Braun Series 5 Shaver

The series 5 Braun shavers come equipped with Clean & Charge Stations that clean, lubricate and charge these shavers. Just like the series 3 shavers, these use 2 crosshair blades and a middle trimmer to capture and cut hair. The shaver heads are flexible to move through 5 different directional angles which allow to more easily reach areas that typically are hard to trim. These are powered by Li-ion battery which offers 45 minutes of backup on full charging and it takes 60 minutes to charge the battery.  The LED display along with remaining battery life, also shows has hygiene indicator and travel lock.

A box of series 5 Braun electric shaver comes packed with series 5 shaver, Clean&Charge station with refill fluid, travel case, cleaning brush and power adapter.

Braun Series 7 Shaver

Braun Series 7 shavers promise to perfectly shave an area in a single stroke. These sport sonic technology that senses the density of hair and gives extra power wherever necessary. These electric shavers along with blades and middle trimmer come with protective skin guard. Unlike the series 5 shavers, the heads on these support 8 different directional angles to suit hair cutting at all contours and reach problem areas. It comes with Clean&Charge station. It is equipped with a Li-ion battery that offers 50 minutes of shave time (5 minutes more run time than series 5 shavers) and gets charged fully in 1 hour.

A box of series 7 Braun electric shaver comes packed with series 7 shaver, clean&charge station with cleaning fluid refill, Travel pouch, Power adapter, and cleaning brush.

Braun Series 9 Shaver 

This series is the ultimate Braun electric shaver series consisting shavers with five shaving elements unlike other Braun series shavers having three or four cutting elements.These can even lift the flat-lying hair and cut it perfectly.Among five shaving elements, two are trimmers where one works directionally and other lifts and cuts hair. Also, these shavers can move through 10 different directional positions which is more than 7 series trimmer supporting 8 directions. Clean & Charge station comes included in this series of trimmers.

A box of series 9 Braun electric shaver comes packed with series 9 shaver, Clean&Charge station with refill fluid, travel case, cleaning brush and power adapter.

All the Braun series electric shavers are 100% waterproof and can be used for dry or wet shaving. This makes cleaning them easy under running tap water and you one can use them during shower.